I’m sure you have been receiving updates from many of the agencies and the business you work with given the current health crisis. We also wanted to share with you how we are working to meet your pest control needs during these uncertain times as well as how we plan to help keep your family and ours safe.


First, know that we are committed to maintaining a continuity of services to all our customers. Pests do not stop encroaching even during pandemics, so we commit to continue keeping them out! Further, know that we appreciate your continued support with our local owned and operated business. Together we can get through this and stay healthy and strong!
As more information becomes known about the coronavirus (COVID-19), Patches Pest Plus LLC remains vigilant in our commitment to implementing ongoing best practices to assure the well-being of our family and yours as well as the continued support of our customers. We want to assure you that we are here for you during this challenging time. We value the trust you place in our company, and want you to know that our services remain fully operational. 

As your regular pest control service is an exterior treatment only, we expect no changes to this portion of our operation. Except that payments either need be placed on your back door or paid in advance of our arrival via PayPal to ensure social distancing practices are adhered to. We are waiving the processing fee for these prepayments during this ordeal. Please send those PayPal payments to charles@patchespestplus.com. If payments are not left or prepaid, the $5 invoice and process fee will still apply. Those who have annual or monthly installments set up already need no further action. If you are not set up for automatic installments, please give us a call (601-724-2701) to get it started if you wish as this is the easiest way to pay for your future services.


Should your pest issues require interior service, and you can not wait for treatment to be performed for any reason, we have the proper Personal Protective Equipment on hand already to prevent passing the virus in either direction. This service will remain free to you, but we ask that you postpone these interior treatments as long as possible until we are all in the clear. Feel free to call us for a solution, we can discuss on a case by case basis to see how best to proceed.


Thank you again for your business! We are glad to serve!